ROP Class

What Exactly is ROP?

Want to learn more about a specific industry/area of study?  ROP offers a way for high school students and adults to  take career focused classes in fields they are interested in.

What is ROP?

ROP is the acronym for Regional Occupational Program. In California, it’s a program offering its citizens continuing education courses throughout many districts in the state.

Where are ROP courses available?

ROP Courses are available throughout the state of California. Some cities and counties included are Orange County, Riverside, San Diego, and Tri-Valley.

What are the career routes I can take after completing an ROP course  ?

Many of the courses you can take have a directly correlating career. For example, a Nursing course will help you become a registered nurse, and a Dental Assistance course will help you become a registered dental assistant. However, with courses such as Computer Science, Art of Animation, and Sports Medicine, career opportunities are diverse. 

With Computer Science, you can expect to find a career in the technology industry; some careers include advanced computer repair, software development, or website development. With the Art of Animation, you can find a career in video game design, software development, or entertainment. With Sports Medicine, you can expect to find a career in sports training, sports injuries, and physical therapy for injury recovery.

Okay, but how much do they cost?

Many classes have a very low cost and registration fee, with some classes even being free of charge. Classes that are free are for occupations in your region that are in high demand or are anticipated to be in high demand in the foreseeable future. Nursing, medical occupations, and dental assisting courses are among the courses with the highest fees, ranging from $850 to $6,500.

Great. How do I start?

If you are a student in high school, you only need to visit your ROP course representative at your high school to register for the courses that interest you. If you are a student attending an alternative high school, you can consult your career specialist or you can visit your local ROP office directly .

If you’ve left high school, you will need to visit your local ROP office and speak with a representative to begin your registration process.


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