ROP Class

The Best ROPs In Hospitality and Tourism

What could be more exciting in working in a field that’s all about having fun?

If hospitality, tourism and recreation appeal to you, you’re in luck. These are the industries which provide the family vacation at the theme park, the celebratory night out with friends, the gorgeous wedding cake. These are the most special and memorable moments in life, and you are the one who gets to help orchestrate them.

Exciting, right? Then read on. We’ve compiled our list of the best ROPs (Regional Occupational Programs) for hospitality, tourism and recreation.

Coastline ROP

Coastline offers a wealth of courses, internships and certificate programs which give you hands-on knowledge of everything from how to handle baking equipment all the way to how to develop a menu. Many courses allow the possibility of earning a California Food Handlers or a ServSafe Food Handler certificate.

Currently, the following classes are available.

  • Baking and Pastry Fundamentals
  • Culinary Arts. (Basic and advanced coursework as well as an internship are offered.)
  • Food Services Cooperative
  • Foods

North Orange County ROP

North Orange County ROP (NOCROP) offers two major career pathways in this industry: Food Service/Hospitality and Hospitality/Tourism/Recreation.

Within the Food Service and Hospitality career path, this fall’s course offerings are Introduction to Culinary Arts or Retail Restaurant/Food Service occupations. The Retail Restaurant course includes a Community Classroom experience.

In the Hospitality and Tourism pathway, students have the opportunity to take the Entertainment Park/Tourism Careers course. This class offers a Community Classroom where students learn all the skills needed to manage an entertainment park through real-world experience at Knotts’ Berry Farm. Another Community Classroom opportunity available through this pathway is the Hotel and Hospitality Management course.

Baldy View ROP

Baldy View ROP has two pathways within the industry. One of these is Food Services and Hospitality. This pathway provides hands-on training in safe food handling/sanitation, industry awareness, nutrition, customer service, food and beverage production and food service management.

This fall, Baldy View is offering a course in Food and Hospitality Services leading to a California Food Handlers Permit.

Another pathway available at the Baldy View ROP is Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation. This pathway integrates training in travel/tourism, attractions, lodging, theme parks, recreation and event planning. Students gain hands-on knowledge of organizational and facilities management, reservations, sales/marketing and much more.

This fall, Baldy View offers courses in Event Planning and Hotel and Lodging Services.

Tri-County ROP

Tri-County ROP provides pathways in Culinary Arts and in Food Service and Hospitality.

They also offer an advanced program in Advanced Culinary Arts/Hospitality Management.

In this course, students learn to prepare food in a restaurant as well as a catering setting and to operate a mobile kitchen.

Students earn the following certifications on completion of the course:

  • Serve Safe Certificate
  • Food Handlers Certificate
  • Dishwashing/Chemical Certificate
  • Knife Skills Certificate

Santa Cruz County Career Technical Education Partnership

This fall, the Santa Cruz County CTE is offering Concentrator-level courses in Culinary Arts and in Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation.

Eden Area ROP

Eden Area ROP gives hands-on training in its two-semester Culinary Science class. Besides learning about food preparation and proper use of equipment, students also learn effective communication and leadership skills. It also introduces them to career opportunities in the field.

El Dorado Union High School

El Dorado’s year-long Culinary Arts course prepares students for entry-level positions in the restaurant/food industry. Besides learning about food preparation, students are also trained in communication, safety and problem solving skills.

The course culminates in the earning of a Food Handler’s Certification.

The field of hospitality and tourism is always growing and offers a variety of employment opportunities. If you are passionate about planning and providing for the celebrations of life, one of these ROP classes might be for you.