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The Best ROP Classes For Information Technology

We all know that there’s one employee a business depends on more than anyone else. And that’s the trusty IT person.

This is the person responsible for managing systems, technology and data.

Without them, everything else would grind to a halt.

The necessary but challenging field of information technology is constantly changing. The best ROP classes will prepare you to meet those changes with skill and flexibility.

Here are our picks for the best ROP classes in the field of Information Technology

Baldy View ROP

Baldy View offers several pathways in the IT industry. They are Games and Simulation; Software and Systems Development; Networking; and Graphic Production Technologies.

The following courses are available this fall at Baldy View:

  • Games and Simulation
  • Computer Programming and Game Design
  • Cybersecurity (Levels 1 and 2)
  • Graphics Communications/ Print Technology (Basic/Level 1 and Advanced/Level 2)
  • Computer Graphics and Media Technology

Tri-County ROP

There are three pathways available to students wishing to study Information Technology at Tri-County ROP: Computer Science, Technology/System Development and Video Game Design.

Clovis High School Career and Technical Education

Clovis High School offers a variety of IT ROP classes at its two high school campuses, as well as at the Center for Advanced Research and Technology.

Here are courses that are on the menu for the 2020-2021 school year.


Students learn to build and analyze computers and connective networks. They also get hands-on experience with the Internet of Things (loTi). This course prepares students for the CompTIA A+ certification exam.

Digital Media and Graphic Design

Students get hands-on experience with graphic design in teams that mimic corporate settings. They work at all stages of production in the process of creating posters, advertisements and two-dimensional animation. They also learn the basics of message design.

Digital Video Production and Broadcast

Students use software packages such as Adobe CC to build their skills in television and film production. They create advertisements, short films and documentaries. They also learn about message design and the sociological impact of the media.

Interactive Game Design

In this course, students are exposed to object-oriented programming and 3D modeling. Then they engage in 2D, 3D and Mixed Reality projects using the Unity Game Engine. In addition, they learn the communication and presentation skills for success in a professional environment.

Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Students look at the digital branding of products like Apple and Nike. Then they develop their own brands and promotional campaigns using a variety of platforms including mobile marketing and social media. Students have the opportunity to participate in internships to build their skills.

Web Application Development

Students get to explore how the Internet works and to create their own apps. They learn to use developer tools such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They learn to ensure a positive end-user experience for the apps that they create.

Santa Cruz County Career Technical Education Partnership

This year, Santa Cruz CTE is offering courses in Computer Applications and Information Technology.

They also provide coursework in Graphic Design and Web Design.

Eden Area ROP

This year, Eden Area ROP is offering a course in Graphics and in Cybersecurity.

El Dorado Union High School

El Dorado’s year-long Database and SQL (Structured Query Language) course gives students the ability to create an effective data model. In the culminating project, students use an app to design and implement their database solution.

The course covers a wide variety of skills including the basics of SQL rules/syntax and database programming theory.

Qualified students can earn three college credits from Folsom Lake College at the conclusion of the course.

The class also prepares students for certification as an Oracle SQL Certified Expert.

Students have the opportunity to secure internships with companies like Intel and Hewlett Packard.

Southeast ROP

This year, students at Southeast ROP have the opportunity to do coursework focusing on Microsoft Office.

These courses are taught at local community colleges.

Students can choose to take Microsoft Office Database, Microsoft Office Graphics or Microsoft Office Spreadsheets.

They also offer a Computer Graphics and Design course, leading to eligibility for college credits at the University of California.

Amador Valley College and Career Center

Students at Amador Valley have access to the following ROP classes:

  • Animation and Motion Graphics
  • Cybersecurity/ICT Essentials I
  • Internet Engineering
  • Video Game Art and Design

So if you want to take part in the booming Information Technology industry, seize the opportunity for any of these exciting ROP classes.