ROP Class

ROP: The Arts, Media and Entertainment Path

In most areas of California, ROP (Regional Occupational Programs) are alive and well…and so is the arts and entertainment industry.

In fact, it may be one of the most lucrative industries in this part of the country.

This makes it an attractive career pathway for young people, necessitating quality career education and training to prepare them.

Here is an outline of what an arts and entertainment pathway looks like in most of the area ROPs.

Coastline ROP

Coastline offers the following classes in its Arts, Media and Entertainment department:

  • Art of TV & Video Production
  • Broadcast News
  • Computer Graphics
  • Costume Design
  • Film & Digital Media Studies
  • Intermediate Video & Film
  • Media Arts
  • Multimedia Communications Design
  • Study of TV and Film Making
  • Theater Technology

Instruction is focused on practical skills. For example, in Broadcast News, students learn the nuts and bolts of specific tasks such as video camera technique, script writing, video editing and three-point lighting. In Film & Digital Media Studies, students examine award-winning films and learn to apply a basic knowledge of visual art.

Some classes are taught at local community colleges.

North Orange County ROP

North Orange County ROP identifies four sub-pathways bracketed under the Arts, Media and Entertainment sector. These are:

  • Design, Visual and Media
  • Game Design and Integration
  • Performing Arts, and
  • Production and Managerial Arts

Several classes are offered each semester within each of these clusters.

Examples of courses you might choose are Game Art & Design, Digital Design & Illustration, Video Production and Professional Dance.

Baldy View ROP

Baldy View ROP offers career training through in Arts and Entertainment through several pathways:

  • Design, Visual and Media Arts
  • Production and Managerial Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Dance/Choreography

Each of these pathways are divided into smaller, more specific “sub-pathways” for the purpose of more specialized training.

For example, students on the Design, Visual and Media Arts pathway may choose to complete coursework in Graphic Design, Visual/Commercial Art, or Stage Technology.

Tri-County ROP

The focus of the Arts, Media and Entertainment department of the Tri-County ROP is to prepare students for flexibility in the dynamic, evolving field of the arts in southern California.

To that end, they offer a number of pathways within the sector:

  • 3D Animation
  • Digital Art and Media
  • Digital Photography
  • Game Design
  • Graphic Communications
  • Media Academy
  • Media and Design Arts, and
  • Visual and Performing Arts

The coursework for these paths is offered at different high schools around the region.

Santa Cruz Career Technical Education Partnership

At Santa Cruz, instructors aim to thoroughly ground students in an understanding of the technology they will use in their chosen careers, as well as the flexibility to adapt when that technology changes.

Courses offered through this ROP are:

  • Graphic Design
  • Video Broadcasting
  • Video Production
  • Music Production and Recording Arts
  • Music Technology
  • Photo Technology
  • Digital Photography
  • Video Broadcasting
  • Play Production
  • Web Design

Eden Area ROP

Eden ROP currently offers just one course in the Arts, Media and Entertainment sector: Graphics.

In this course, students learn to apply CD-ROM and web-based technology to sound, graphics, animation and video.

They also build a portfolio using a variety of digital tools including Flash, Premiere, Director and Dreamweaver.

The course is two semesters and meets for three hours daily.

Valley ROP

Valley ROP offers three pathways related to the Arts, Media and Entertainment sector. They are:

  • Media and Design Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Production and Managerial Arts

All three pathways provide a rich variety of courses.

Classes to choose from include Digital Photography, Stagecraft Technology, Art Animation and Graphic Design (besides many more).

The skills that appear on the syllabus for these courses represent both practicality and artistry. For example, in Introduction to Graphic Arts and Media, students learn how to use graphite, charcoal, pastels, pen and ink and digital art tools to create drawings. They apply this knowledge to the creation of diverse forms of media including commercials, business cards, advertisements and CD covers.

Mission Trails ROP

Mission Trails presently offers two pathways within the Arts, Media and Entertainment sector. These are TV Media Production and Cinema Arts and Production.

In the TV Media Production introductory course, students learn the technical and artistic aspects of video production. They also apply film history and analysis to their work. Students work in small teams to create four major video projects by the end of the course.

The introduction to Cinema Arts and Production gives students hands-on practice in filming and editing video and adding sound. They learn about videography, lighting, audio and directing.

Students may qualify through this course for a certification in Precision Exams Television Broadcasting.

Arts, Media and Entertainment can be both a fun and a profitable career with hands-on training from any of these reputable ROPs.