ROP Class

Rop Information 2018

If you are in high school and looking to learn something new, or if you are an adult wanting to change careers, ROP is one of your best choices for classes and courses. Here is an official list of programs for the year 2017-18.

  • Basic Computer Literacy:  It has become almost impossible to live in this world without having basic computer knowledge. Your life can become much simpler when you learn to use a computer, and this is the best course to start you out. It will make you competent in the basic functioning of a computer and will teach you how to use a computer for your day-to-day activities.
  • ESL (English as a Second Language):  If you don’t speak English well or want to improve your English speaking, reading, or listening skills, this is a comprehensive course to help you improve your skills with the language.
  • Dental Assistant or Hygienist: A Dental Assistant assists the Dentist in caring for the patient. The duties of Dental Assistant vary from scheduling appointments to even taking patient x-rays. A Dental Assistant usually interacts with patients under the supervision of the Dentist, while the Dental Hygienist, on the other hand, does the preliminary examination of the patient before the Dentist sees them.
  • Continuing CNA Education: ROP provides continuing education for Certified Nursing Assistant in various sectors such as Emergency Medical Technician, Emergency Medical Responder, Nursing, EKG Monitor Technician.
  • Sports Medicine & Fitness Technician:  Sports Medicine & Fitness technicians work directly with persons engaged in sports, to help them achieve fitness, maintain their conditioning, and rehabilitate them from their injuries.
  • Graphic Design: This course will equip you to create visual concepts for projects that inform or inspire customers through print media or the use of software. It is a valuable course for anyone who wants to explore their artistic talents.
  • Parent Education: This course is equally suitable for both new parents and parents who want to improve their parenting skills. It will cover general topics and specific issues faced by parents in handling their children. Different positive discipline techniques are also covered under this course.
  • Yoga Instruction: Yoga has gained immense popularity all over the world for its ability to encourage fitness and a stress-free life. Yoga Instructor is also an excellent choice for a second career.
  • Welding: Many industries like shipping and construction require full-time or part-time welders. This course gives both theoretical and hands-on experience for becoming an accomplished welder. It is a worthwhile trade to learn for those beginning a career or those who want to change careers.
  • Crime Scene Investigation: This course will teach you the basic elements of physical evidence for the investigation of crime scenes, including how to identify and collect evidence and methods for gathering fingerprints. This course will also help you enhance your analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Entrepreneurship: If you are thinking of starting your own business or if you want to improve your entrepreneur skills, this course will help you draw up a successful business plan and will also teach you the different elements of owning a successful business.
  • Resume Writing & Interviewing: An attractive resume is the key to getting a job; this is the best course to take to improve your resume and hone your interviewing skills, which could help you land your dream job.
  • Fashion Design: This is a comprehensive course for those who would like a career in Fashion. This program will equip you to design garments and become knowledgeable about different types of fabric, pattern making, fitting, sewing, and alteration.
  • Interior Design: This course will help you aesthetically design homes or offices by effectively utilizing available space and arranging furniture and fixtures to make these spaces look spacious and attractive.
  • Computer Security:  Computer Security is a hot career option for those who are interested in computers. In this digital era, everything happens over the internet; it is highly essential to protect data and computers from hackers and cyber-attacks. Every company would like to have an in-house computer security expert to keep their data and information safe and to update security measures whenever needed.
  • Fire Science: This course allows you to explore career options in protection and safety of people and property from fire. It will cover topics such as the different types of fire, how to handle different kinds of fire, safety precautions that need to be taken, and so on.
  • Culinary Arts: This course will prepare you for working in the food service industry. It teaches you safety and sanitary basics followed in the food industry, planning a menu, how to prepare and cook food, and effective presentation techniques.
  • Automotive Services: The automotive industry is a very attractive sector, providing many job options. This course prepares you for servicing a variety of vehicles. Repair work and regular maintenance of vehicles including oil change, brake service, tire maintenance, etc. are some of the topics covered in this course.
  • Computer Technician Service & Repair: This course is highly relevant now that there are computers in just about every household and office, and these will need servicing or repair now and then. Some of the topics offered in this course are hard disk crashes, operating systems failure, RAM upgrades, corrupt files, reviving data after a virus attack, and how to protect a computer from a virus in the first place.
  • Art & History of Floral Design: This course will cover topics such as how to handle flowers, how to identify different flowers, color themes, various flower arrangements, and so on.
  • Customer Service Occupations: All types of industries require customer service representatives, and this is a quickly growing occupation. The course covers the different techniques that need to be mastered for handling customers effectively.
  • Construction Trades: Different types of construction trades are covered under this course. The various construction technologies, safety aspects to be followed in buildings/houses, blueprint reading, identifying and using different construction materials, the basics of masonry, carpentry, flooring, etc. are also covered.

There is a variety of programs spanning different industries; you will be able to choose a program that interests you from this list and use it as a stepping stone to start a fresh career path. These courses are structured in such a way that all aspects of the trade are covered under each topic. This will give you enough confidence to start your new job.