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ROP Classes For Transportation Careers

Having the ability to quickly and easily move from one place to another is something we take for granted.

But in reality, our whole economy depends upon the reliable operation of cars, trucks, trains and buses.

As long as people have the need and the desire to travel or commute, automotive repair and technology will be the very backbone of daily life.

And with the right expertise, you can be the one of the people behind the scenes making it all happen!

Check out these ROP classes to get started on a rewarding career in the automotive industry.

Coastline ROP

This year, Coastline is offering a number of courses in Automotive Technology.

Start with Introduction to Automotive Technology, where you learn about automotive systems by examining small engines. Next, move to the basic Automotive Technology course to learn about tune-ups, lubrication, brake systems and trains. Next comes an Advanced course where you gain hands-on knowledge of diagnostics and repair, including brake, suspension, electrical and engine repair. If you’re ready for an even bigger challenge, you can take on an internship at an automotive repair facility. This will prepare you for a career in automotive diagnosis, service and repair.

Coastline also offers an Automotive Technology MLR I course which prepares you to be a professional service technician.

North Orange County ROP

North Orange County offers a number of courses through its Systems Diagnostics, Service and Repair Career Pathway.

Students wishing to take Automotive Technology have access to Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced courses. In these courses, they learn to diagnose, adjust, overhaul and repair automotive vehicles.

NOCROP also offers coursework in Auto Body Repair at the Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced level. These courses teach students how to repair and refinish automotive bodies and to tend painting machines.

Baldy View ROP

Baldy View provides two pathways for students wishing to prepare for a career in the transportation industry. They are Systems Diagnostics, Service and Repair and Operations.

Within the Systems Diagnostics, Service and Repair pathway, students can choose to take:

  • Comprehensive Automotive Mechanics
  • Automotive Service
  • Advanced Automotive
  • Automotive Specialty

The Operations pathway prepares students for a variety of educational and career opportunities in the transportation industry such as ports, airplanes, specialty equipment, warehousing, trains and harbors.

This year, students in the Operations pathway have the opportunity to take a course in Transportation, Distribution and Logistics.

Tri-County ROP

Students in the Tri-County ROP have three different pathways available to train for careers in the transportation industry.

These are:

  • Aeronautics
  • Automotive Technology
  • Structural Repair and Refinishing
  • System Diagnostics and Service

Santa Cruz Career Technical Education Partnership

Santa Cruz CTE is one of the few career preparation programs which offer coursework in bicycle technology. As the use of bicycles becomes increasingly common both as a leisure activity and as a means of transportation, these skills are expected to be in high demand.

In addition, Santa Cruz CTE also offers a more traditional Engine Repair course.

Eden Area ROP

Eden Area ROP offers Automotive Refinishing and Automotive Technology courses for students wishing to prepare for careers in these areas.

El Dorado Union High School

El Dorado’s Automotive Engine course prepares students for entry-level jobs in the automotive service industry.

Topics covered include muffler repair, transmission/clutch, brake system service, cooling system and wheel alignment.

Students will leave the program prepared for a variety of careers as a master mechanic, a tire repairer/changer, a first-line supervisor, or a specialty technician. At the end of the course, students can earn certifications in S/P 2 Pollution Control and Valvoline Oil.

Another opportunity is available through El Dorado’s Diesel Engine course, which teaches students to operate and repair diesel engines. Topics covered include battery service, engine overhaul, power equipment safety and electrical system diagnosis and repair.

Successful completion of either of these courses can earn college credits.

Are you ready to embark on an exciting career in the Transportation field? Any of these ROPs are a great place to start.